I was almost tempted to change the title of this article to ‘What’s Your Problem With My Hair, Bitch?’ but I realized that it was not all about hair or a lack thereof but a myriad of issues.

Let’s cut to the chase about these girls leaving quite a mark at their respective pageant scenes : ME South Sudan 2009 was the tallest ever at 6’5″, MU Spain 2013  was an out and proud lipstick lesbian in 2014, MGI Macedonia 2015 was the oldest at 34 years old, and ME Iraq 2016 wore a dress in  a swimsuit competition. If these girls were NOT anti-pageants, I didn’t know what to call them!

I also gave the following examples prior to this article in Sash Factor Forum : MU Switzerland 2013 had cropped hair, MU Tanzania 2009 was basically bald, and MU Canada 2012 semifinalist was a transgender. I also added that ME Lebanon 2009 was criticized due to her plus-size figure, MU Honduras 2012 for being vertically challenged and the shortest candidate ever, and MU Venezuela 2005 for being so ripped that she looked like a girl on steroids.

The article I wrote about anti-pageant beauties a year ago was not about body shaming or bashing the girls because they did not conform to the conventional standards or stereotypes in beauty pageants.


The idea of having anti-pageant beauties is to embrace and accept diversity and to break stereotypes. Beauty queens don’t need to be limited to size 2, with hair volumes defying gravity, labeled about their sexual preferences, of jailbait age or otherwise, natural-born females, and lastly,  ignored about their religious or cultural beliefs and restrictions.

Beauty pageants should also start rethinking their rules or guidelines to recognize that anti-pageant issues exist and come in different forms, shapes, and sizes. And as for pageant fans and followers, less hate and more support.



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