The Top 10 ‘Shugart Babes’ to Watch for at MU2016


If you were quite familiar with the ‘Trump Picks’ before, then it’s about time to ditch that tag and replace it with ‘Shugart Babes’. After all, Trump does not own MUO anymore so we might as well find a new tag that we can all relate to. ‘Shugart Babes’ may sound so cougarish but not as stiff-sounding as a betting card in a poker game.

So what’s the basis of this Top 10 Shugart Babes anyway? There are several bases by the way but I will just give you the over-simplified versions.

First, the countries represented by these 10 girls have been consistently making the cuts for the past several years and thus earning them quite a strong ‘sash factor’ whenever one of these countries is called on stage. Countries like USA, Venezuela, and the Philippines are among the most consistent in terms of high ‘sash factor’. I skipped on Puerto Rico because it is falling off from the radar lately but she can always bounce back into the game. The perennial 1st Runner-Up Queen Colombia is always an imminent threat for the crown and this is just a gentle reminder that she is not to be trifled with. Colombia almost won back-to-back!

Second, these countries have a strong pageant fan base internationally. Thanks to the internet and social media and keypad warriors for the 24/7 online presence. Whether be it fan votes, national costume, photogenic or Top 15 selection, you will always be assured that Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines will come to the rescue and show their pageant-crazy support to their girls. And mind you, Paula Shugart loves loud and crazy and voting fans.

Third, it is always about the popular market perception of the Miss Universe brand in these countries until today. There is no doubt that Miss Universe pageant is what people wait and talk about in these countries so it would be a big mistake to antagonize them and end up losing their support. So what better way to keep the support intact? They should be recognized for the efforts, dedication, and financial support by considering them in Top 10, or even Top 15.

So, Top 10 Shugart Babes, huh? If you are still not convinced, hit me up and let’s talk about the next country that will probably host the 66th edition of the Miss Universe pageant (roll eyes).


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