I’m Vexed With The New MU2016 SS Format!


I’m so vexed with the new SS format right now at MU2016! What is MUO and IMG thinking when they made this decision? Based on an article in New York Post, 4 girls will ramp on the stage at the same time during the swimsuit competition.

First, you cannot score objectively when four girls are strutting simultaneously in a row. Even if it was trimmed to two girls, it would still be difficult to score because your focus is skewed. Unless it is a process of comparison and elimination, then it would make sense if the girls are pitted against each other. The one who sucks at the SS, she should be let go.

Second, you will be offsetting airtime and exposure for each girl. The meager 60 seconds for each girl in the previous editions will be reduced further and even a judge with a super 20/20 vision cannot multi-task scoring that fast. Again, unless you make the pasarella to be at least 5 minutes until their legs cramp, then you can compare and eliminate. Okay, the 5-minute pasarella is too long but you get my point, right?

Third, you will be trampling the excitement and anticipation of the SS segment. The beauty of individual pasarella is that your attention will be focused on one girl – her confidence, her techniques, and yes, her mistakes even. Again if the judge’s aim was to score, that would be absurd, unfair, and aimless for a group of four girls. Scoring would look so random and slapdash. It would be like scoring a boxing bout. Might as well give the girls their boxing gloves and contain them in a boxing ring.

If MUO and IMG wanted to do things differently, the competition segment should lean towards a livelier and a more festive mood, and not ‘kill’ the sex appeal of the swimsuits. It should not turn into a snoozefest just like some pageants out there. ¬†If the organizer wanted the pageant to be more fitness forward or fashion intensive, then do so with the other segments. You have already removed the National Costume presentation, why¬†trivialize now the swimsuit?



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