My Top Faves at the Mindanao Tapestry Show


I’m still in shock even if the Mindanao Tapestry Show in Davao was already concluded last night. If there was one description that could sum it all, it would be ‘world-class’.

So here are my top favorites purely from my own personal preferences. As you might have noticed, I’m a sucker for ball gowns. Fortunately, the Inaul Tapestry of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao caught my fancy, and I have personally chosen 4 out 8 from the Inaul collections. These Inaul ball gowns were modeled by China, Mexico, Indonesia, and Venezuela. The vivid rich color and intricate geometric patterns are amazing to look on stage!

One of my personal faves is the sweeping train caped gown by Benjie Panizales as worn by Miss Switzerland. It is an ultra-modern twist to the traditional T’boli B’laan weaved garbs. There is no headdress but the necklace is still relevant to the local costume. I might be wrong but this dress is more suited to the Inaul and Mindanao silk fashion.

The needleworks done on Miss Ecuador’s dress is just fabulous. The design is so fashion forward and very wearable. Ecuador’s dress may be too sexy for the locals but what can I say? Only a few people can pull it off and Ecuador nailed it. India’s dress is made up of the luxurious Mindanao silk, topped with a fine needlework on the neck. The light blue layers gave contrast to the dark blue ensemble. So chic and couture!

And my final fave is no other than the SocSarGen’s T’Nalak strapless gown design as worn by Miss Turkey. The T’Nalak patterns and colors are still so distinct and recognizable but what made it stand out is the way the fabric was created to give it a pageant-worthy appeal.


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