And How To Break The ‘Mikimoto Curse’ From Prevailing!

Anyone who witnessed the exclusion, the un-placement, or the clapping of pageant powerhouses Venezuela and Philippines in the last six years of the Miss International editions cannot help but shake the thought that the Mikimoto Crown might be cursed. Let me aid you in challenging that thought because I believe that there is indeed
a curse and I want to break and dispell that curse.

The most significant manifestation of the Mikimoto curse started in 2011 when Ecuador won. The following year, Ecuador clapped and Japan won. In 2013, Japan clapped and the Philippines won. In 2014, Philippines clapped and Puerto Rico won. Sounds very confusing but this see-saw ‘cursed’ pattern went on until 2016 when the Philippines won and Venezuela clapped. Look at one of the pictures below for your reference.

What is alarming in 2017 is that whoever the Philippines sends to Miss International, she will clap hard, regardless whether she is a goddess or mere mortal in beauty and talent. The Mikimoto Curse will prevail!

Going back further to the 2000’s, Lebanon, Venezuela, Philippines, and Mexico were among the first victims of the curse when
these countries suffered the same pattern of winning and clapping. You can check the inclusive years: 2003, 2004, 2008, 2010.

And the bigger question is – how to break that curse?

First, petition to hold the pageant somewhere else other than Japan, say like China. It does not guarantee an immediate effect but somehow it breaks the monotony. The 5 consecutive ‘unplaced’ instances do not sit very well in the eyes of the keen observers. While at it, reduce the Japan hosting to 3 years, then host somewhere else, and even change the final judges.

Second, petition to increase the number of semifinalists to 15 permanently, instead of switching between 10, 12 and 15. Again, it does not guarantee an immediate effect but it will certainly break the consistency and increase the odds in including the ‘cursed’ countries.

Third, 2017 is an ‘odd’ year so there might be a chance that numerology will interfere. In 2001, 2005, 2009, and 2011, Poland, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela were able to evade the curse and placed in Top 12/Top15/Top3. Consult the number experts!

Lastly, ICA-MIBP of Japan should be made aware of this unwritten, and perhaps, an unintentional policy that the current winning country, and clearly The Philippines, should not be snubbed or ignored especially if she is quite deserving in 2017. Five consecutive ‘unplaced’ countries are quite alarming.


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