Did They Just Suffer From Forgettable Face Syndrome?


In any beauty pageants, we tend to remember very well queens who stand out because of their unique physical beauty, smart answers, crazy pasarellas, bitchy attitudes, and of course, over-the-top dethronement dramas.

For others, they struggled to get noticed even though they post gazillion of photos through Facebook or Instagram. Perhaps their crowning moments were as boring as my grandma’s cross-stitching of a pissing cherub or their respective reigns were virtually non-existent.

Well, news flash – many beauty queens are actually forgettable because they failed to re-brand or repackage their selves to be more memorable. Others also intentionally stepped out of the limelight and hid behind the shadows of a domesticated life or a life of privacy.

I get it and I admit it that the faces of the queens above, in my own perception, suffer from the Forgettable Face Syndrome because I hardly noticed their presence when they were elected as queens. The most disappointing in fact was the recent Miss World 2016. Her homecoming parade was a total flop. Anyway, both Miss World and Miss International were totally snoozefests but kinda refreshing because I was able to take a nap while watching the shows.

Another case of an FFS was Miss Universe 2002 when Justine Pasek took over Oxana Federova. The idea of being replaceable after dethronement should have triggered a name recall or a memorable moment for Justine. However, that was not the case at all. Most pageants still considered and not so surprisingly still recalled Oxana the rightful queen of MU2002.

And speaking of boring reigns and zero publicity, other queens also ended up being drowned in the presence of other beauty queens and blended and turned into ‘generic’ beauty queens. The generic MU Queens Leila Lopes, Riyo Mori and Paulina Vega were as forgettable as MW Queen Wenzia Yu, and other queens from MI and ME. Some experts say that being the most attractive and the most unattractive were easily more recognizable than the average beauties. Well, I just leave you to ponder on that.

While having distinct facial features and color can trigger a higher memorability recall, I am more personally drawn to faces that exude a certain appeal and charm such as those of Molly Isler, Megan Young, Tereza Fajksova, and Edymar Martinez. Or the faces that triggered and stimulated the interests of pageants fans such as those of Miriam Quiambao,  Ruth Ocumarez, Jctizad Vina, Venus Raj, Olesya Stefanko, Kaci Fennel, Mariam Habach, and Chalita Suansane. These faces are the anti-thesis of the Forgettable Face Syndrome.




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