My Top Choices for the BBP 2017 Crowns


First and foremost, I’m not really into predictions. I just strongly convey my support to the girls I feel that will bring home the crown, major or minor ones. I have been very vocal about my support for my girls Mutya Datul, Nicole Schmitz, Ann Colis, Janine Tugonon, Janicel Lubina, Kris Janson, and Kylie Versoza. Some of these girls were not even my popular choices for the Miss Universe Philippines crown. However, you can never go wrong once you considered them for MUP because, by default, they are more than qualified for the minor crowns such as Supranational or Grand International.

Let me breakdown for you my Top 3 girls for each crown and my thoughts about the requirements and expectations for each crown:

  1. Miss Universe Philippines 2017 should have a very compelling and unique story about her life in general. She must be able to engage with an air of confidence in expressing her thoughts and own it aside from the fact that she should be the most appealing among the other girls. She should also keep her online social media presence current and engaging. My Top 3 : Elima (32), Sutton (13), Peters (19)
  2. Binibining Pilipinas International 2017 should have a very pleasant and pretty face, must be on the younger age bracket, must show passion in learning and appreciating Japanese culture, and at least above average trendy. I’m still wary about the Mikimoto crown curse though. My Top 3: De Leon (15), Nava (26), Huelar (10)
  3. Miss Supranational Philippines 2017 should have that runway fashion model look, topped with a unique or outstanding personality that will rival that of European beauties, and will not blend or be drowned in a crowd especially among blondes. She should also be always on the lookout with her social media connections. My Top 3 : Peters (19), Nava (26), Huelar (10)
  4. Miss Globe Philippines 2017 should have that exotic appeal, engaging personality, and commendable social skills. She should also have the usual pageant skills at par with the Latinas. My Top 3 : Elima (32), Peters (19), Nava (26).
  5. Binibining Pilipinas – Grand International 2017 should be the most conversant among the queens, with a deep knowledge about current events around the world, and most preferably about Thailand. She should possess the basic skills in pasarella and interviews.  My Top 3 : Elima (32), Huelar (10), Peters (19)
  6. Binibining Pilipinas – Intercontinental 2017 should be somewhat similar to Miss Globe Philippines but with a little more spunk and identity. If the pageant is to be held in Germany, then a Janson or a McGary personality should do the trick. But if we wanted the crown, she should exert more effort to be noticed. My Top 3 : Nava (26), Sutton (13), Manalo (17). 
  7. Binibining Pilipinas – Continentes Unidos 2017 (rumored) should have that Latina aura and yet still Asian in general just like Jeslyn Santos. It is also highly preferred that she is fluent in Spanish. The pageant might still be traditional in terms of presentation so a good pasarella and a knockout gown are basic requirements. My Top 3 : Nava (26), Manalo (17), Huelar (10)


Please take note that the above choices might still change as the pageant progresses. One of the game changing events will be the Press Presentation on the 22nd of March. All the 40 girls are still up for the competition.




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