Should Maine do an Ada or a Ly?


I cannot help it! I have to this because it would be a mortal sin to ignore the resemblance. It’s like waiting for Emma Watson from the Beauty and the Beast movie about to sing ‘the hills are alive with the sound of music’ as she climbs the hilltops, instead of singing ‘provincial life’. That kind of mortal sin resemblance.

Ly Jonaitis from Venezuela placed 2nd runner-up to Riyo Mori at the Miss Universe 2007 edition while Ada Aimee dela Cruz from the Dominican Republic placed 1st runner-up to Stefania Fernandez at the Miss Universe 2009 edition. Both Ly and Ada possess quite the exotic appeal, along with their perfect olive skin tone, something that Filipinas also share with the Latinas.

Let me be biased here. I like Maine Elima to be more of the Ada dela Cruz Look rather than the Ly Jonaitis Look. Maine has a closer facial feature to Ada, which is almost Barbie-like but she tends to style her hair more like Ly – wavy and voluminous. Nothing wrong with that because either straight or wavy hairstyle still works for Maine. The Ada dela Cruz Look topped the swimsuit and evening gown segments in MU2009. From my book, she should have won the crown.

From the physical and technical aspects, Maine Elima is quite ready. My only advice for her is to strengthen her interview skills. It’s quite alright to have some sort of a rehearsed or prepared answer but give room also for flexibility. Be more like a Nicole Cordoves or a Pia Wurtzbach. That advice also goes to my other girls in this BBP edition. You know who you are!



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